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The term SHTF, or SH*T Hits The Fan,’ is a very popular one in the prepper community. It’s basically used to refer to any type of major, grid down disaster scenario, such as an EMP attack, major economic collapse, terrorist attack, natural disaster, and so on.

In any of the above scenarios or ones like them, there are many events that you can guarantee will occur, such as mass rioting, a major supply chain disruption, armed looters taking to the neighborhoods, and a crackdown by the military and police (and perhaps even martial law being declared).

What would really be required to survive a true SHTF situation like described above? At the very least, it would take each of the following:

Stockpile Provisions

It’s one of the most commonly given pieces of advice when it comes to preparing for any grid down disaster, but it’s true: you need food and water, and lots of it.

At the bare minimum, plan on storing at least one gallon of water (for both drinking and personal hygiene purposes) and two thousand calories of food per person per day.

Be Willing To Barter

The truth is it doesn’t matter how much supplies and provisions you stockpile, because you can never really have enough, and there will always be something you neglect.

But without access to stores, the only way to get more of what you will need will be to barter with others who have what you need. Plan on having a separate stockpile of items that you are willing to use for bartering purposes.

Don’t Be The Lone Wolf

Trying to survive alone or alone with your family greatly limits your chances of survival. But working with others amplifies those chances. For example, you can forge alliances with your neighbors to exchange resources and protect one another against attack.

At the very least, it’s better than having a neighbor come knocking on your door demanding your share some of your food.

Be Ready To Defend Your Home

As was noted above, the vast majority of people are not going to be prepared for an SHTF disaster at all, and when the grid goes down, those people are going to turn into savages to get the necessities and food they need. That means once the stores are all looted, the next major target will be people’s homes…including yours.

You will need to have a home defense plan to keep intruders out of your home and property at all costs. Investing in acrylic glass windows, heavy duty locks, a home security system, and suitable defensive firearms are the bare minimum of what you should be doing.

Have A Backup Plan

Last but not least, to be ready for a true SHTF scenario, you always will need to have a backup plan…and multiple backup plans at that. For example, while you should always be prepared to bug in, you should also be prepared to bug out if you are ordered to do so by the authorities or if death is certain if you stay.

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