The Top Five Emergency Supplies That Will Help You Survive-Survival Gear Systems
Emergency supplies for survival

Survival is about more than food, water, and fire. Those are absolutely essential and with all three you can survive almost any scenario, but surviving and thriving are two completely different things. So, what pieces of survival gear can give you a huge advantage at overcoming any obstacle to survival?


Survival Shelter and Fishing Tackle

There are many different pieces of survival gear that can be used as a shelter. Aside from tents and ready-made shelter, certain everyday items can be used as emergency supplies for building a shelter. For example, an orange garbage bag can save you hours of waterproofing your bush shelter. Using your rain jacket as a roof would work as well.

Fishing Tackle

If you find yourself stranded by a body of water, fishing tackle can provide you with more food than anything else. Hunting on land is incredibly difficult in a survival situation, but fishing is an easy passive activity.


While vines and natural survival supplies are usable in a pinch, they require a strong set of survival skills and can still be immensely frustrating resources to work with. Rope can cut your shelter building time in half and is useful for so many other survival situations.

First Aid

Getting injured in the wilderness without a first aid kit could be fatal. Say you suffer a small scratch and it becomes infected. If you had had a first aid kit, you would have been able to keep your cut clean.

Sleeping Gear

What separates a survival ordeal from a camping trip? There's no clear line, but a sleeping bag is a big step toward the creature comforts of camping. Sleeping bags don't only add an extra layer of comfort to a survival situation, they also keep your body separate from the damp ground.

There are many different types of survival gear. Some are absolutely essential, like a way to carry water, a knife, and a way to start a fire. Others are optional, but can have a huge role in the quality of your survival. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution.

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