Survival Shopping at the Dollar Store.
Survival at the dollar store

When it comes down to the last minute, and you need to scramble to find survival gear, you won't exactly be spoiled for choice. Any last minute weather phenomena will send everyone in town to the supermarket, but there's a better way to pick up some last minute Survival gear on the cheap. Winter storm survival, hurricane preparedness, and any other freak weather event will require a specific set of tools you might not have access to in your standard kit. So, while everyone is out getting canned beans at the supermarket, go to the dollar store for these 10 important survival supplies.


This is important to have in any survival situation. If you need to secure anything in the house or tie down a tarp, twine is a cheap and easy option.


In winter storm survival, you could be facing blackout conditions. Flashlights (and candles) are a must-have.

Warm Underclothes

If you're surviving in a flood, a winter storm, or in any extreme weather, warm clothing is a must. Dry underwear, socks, gloves, and shirts can keep you safe and dry.

Trash Bags

If you expect to be stuck inside for any amount of time, garbage bags will be necessary. Likewise, if you are lost in the woods, garbage bags are a great way to insulate a shelter from the rain.


If you are stuck at home in a winter storm survival situation, you need to stay alert. Coffee is excellent for keeping you focused and providing a morale boost.

Baby Wipes

Hygiene shouldn't stop in a survival situation. Baby wipes are excellent for cleaning cuts or maintaining daily cleanliness.


Bleach can be used to purify water in a pinch, but only if you are trained in this technique.


No matter where you are or what your survival experience, it's essential that you are able to get a fire going.

Extra Blankets

Dollar stores almost always carry cheap blankets by the clothes. Stay warm and get a few extra just in case.

There are many different types of survival gear that you can find in unlikely places. The dollar store is one of the overlooked places that you can turn to in times of crisis. If you are ever caught unprepared, remember the basic supplies you need to weather a winter storm survival situation.

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