The Ultimate Urban Survival Essentials Checklist-Survival Gear Systems

No survival supplies list is complete without essentials like knives, matches, rope, food, water, and so on. That said, most checklists leave out several non-essential, but still majorly important types of survival gear. The most common items left out are the ones that you wouldn't necessarily need in the wilderness, but in an urban environment instead. Well, here is a list of the unsung saviors of the survival world.

Urban Survival Gear

    Activated charcoal is the only water purification method that can filter out chemical contamination. If a hurricane were to hit hard in your location, the potential for contaminants is too high to ignore. You might have other methods for water purification in the wild, but activated charcoal is perfect if your aim is hurricane preparedness.

    Waders are also important hurricane preparedness items in high flood-risk areas. Getting your feet wet could mean fungus and infection, so keep yourself dry in the storm.

    Urban Survival Checklist

    Fire extinguishers are critical urban survival tools. Every home absolutely must have one. Think of all the ways a fire could start in your home.

    If you wear glasses, make sure you have a spare pair stashed somewhere readily available in the event they break. This is good life advice in general, but if a natural disaster occurs and your glasses break, you won't be able to get another pair. Effective blindness in a survival situation spells disaster.

    Wrenches, and tools in general, should be considered household essentials. In the event of an earthquake or hurricane, though, they become a lifeline.

    A boat or raft might literally save your life if flood levels reach above the highest point in your home. Many might see this as unnecessary, but 'better safe than sorry' is an idiom for a reason.

    Bug out bags are your central point of security. So long as you can pack a bag with all of your essentials and many of the items mentioned here, you will have an easy way to grab everything you need, whenever you need it.


    Consider YOUR Survival Needs

    There are practically endless survival gear options to choose from depending on your needs and situation. Though some pieces of survival gear are definitely universal, there are others that might not make any sense in a wilderness setting but are just as important in an urban environment.

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