Survival Gear Systems, Second Standing Order for Disasters

Survival Gear Systems, Second Standing Order for Disasters

By Bernie Kelley

When disaster strikes there is no time to plan for how to act. The difference between a survivor and a victim - other than blind luck - depends on how you respond in the first moments. The California State Militia empowered members with Four Standing Orders: Secure, Support, Seek, and Influence. In this article, we’ll discuss the Third Standing Order - search for potential threats.

Securing your safety can not be over stated in terms of significance. Untrained civilians frequently become additional casualties when they skip past securing the situation. But security is surviving, not the reason people live.

They live because of clean water, good food and shelter from nature. So, establishing these things is the Second Standing Order.

To live indefinitely you must follow the Third Standing Order.

The Third Standing Order is to Search for potential threats, supplies and allies. Again, security is given a first nod when it comes to searching. The OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is a repeated process (loop) that happens moment to moment and can be extended to daily activities and monthly activities for longer term disasters.

The Third Standing Order: Identifying Danger

Danger can be the form of weather, climate, animal, or human. Wild-land fire fighters must contend with all manner of dangerous animals who are fleeing fires.

In some situations, security personnel are dedicated with firearms to ward of bears, moose, or lions.

Many survivalists dwell on marauder scenarios; but, what about the person who snaps under pressure? If you have to live together long enough, what about social and political factions that begin to split up your group? What about people who begin to lead for their own benefit rather than the groups good? How will you manage this?

Seeking Supplies

Searching for supplies will become necessary because you can not count on the disaster leaving your cache unmolested. You might not even be near your hidey-hole when it hits, or your castle may not be as defensible as you think.

Earthquakes, forest fires, and flooding have a way of messing up plans. IF your scenario is apocalyptic, then even your five-year supply of food will run out.

Seeking Allies

Searching for allies is the ultimate long-term answer in any disaster scenario. At a car accident, it’s an extra set of eyes, a hand to stop a bleeding wound, or talk with 911. In an earthquake, it’s hands to help clear debris, carry casualties, or cook a hot meal for all. In SHTF, it’s another community to watch the west, share seeds, or barter with. Politically and socially we must search for allies

When I first started my disaster planning my family thought I was crazy. Hurricanes Katrina and Harry, the ice storms in the east, droughts and the fire storms in California have proven me practical. I have worked in my small town and county to gather political allies who help prepare for disaster.

I no longer prep in secret, rather I now prepare in community. My community Seeks with me.

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