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We have had so many questions about the new generation Kodiak, now called the Apex, solar kits and the pre-sale event, we thought we would give you all the answers you need here. These questions come from both customers who have the original Kodiak solar generator kits, already ordered the Apex pre-sale, or are considering ordering the Apex on pre-sale. To view the answers, simply click on the question that concerns you and the answer will open up.


What is the Pre-sale and how does it work?

Being one of the hottest products on the market at this time, Inergy is allowing the pre-sale of Apex (formerly Kodiak OR K2) solar generators and kits to hold them in production and shipping when they arrive and are in stock in August.

  • All orders placed after July 30th are expected to ship out after August 30th.

*Please note that the U.S. government has been placing harder restrictions on Hazmat certified products at the U.S. ports, along with unpredictable processing times and costs, which could cause further delays outside of the control of the manufacturer. There are no guarantees on shipping dates, the manufacturer and those of us here as SGS will do everything possible to get you your order as fast as possible once they arrive. Inergy is also going to pay for air shipping free on on all orders to expedite them out to waiting customers.

Shipping is on a first come, first serve basis. Our website alone has had hundreds of orders placed just since the start of the pre-sale, so we are recommending getting your order in as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you wish to pre-order and reserve your Apex or any Linx Panels and Apex accessories, please note that your order is pre-paid to the manufacturer to hold your item for shipping and if you wish to cancel your order, the order must first be cancelled with Inergy and refunded. The refund process can take 5-10 days depending on the timing of Inergy cancelling your order and your bank's posting policies.

Do I get charged when I pre-order or when it ships?

As per manufacturer policy on the pre-sale, you will be charged at the time you order on our website. We are required to pay the manufacturer for your order immediately to hold the Inergy Apex for you and your place in line for shipping when the product arrives to the warehouse from production.

NOTE: If you order the products using Klarna Financing, we are not allowed to capture your payment until the items are in stock and ready to ship. This could put your order on a delay and we cannot guarantee your order will ship with the June production batch. Please call us at 866-257-2978 prior to ordering using the financing option.

Why the name change in the middle of the Pre-sale Event?

Inergy ran into some trademark risks during the production of the Kodiak K2 and the executive team ultimately decided that changing the name of the new generation Kodiak power box and kits were necessary to mitigate this risk.

So, now we have the Inergy Apex! Same new generation solar generators and kits - just a different name.

What are New Features of the Apex?

The Apex represents an upgrade over the previous original Kodiak solar generator, the following being the biggest differences from the original Kodiak:

  • No need for the reset function
  • Enhanced LED screen
  • Faster, more efficient charging capability
  • New Lithium Ion battery expansion (more news on this later)
  • Two USB-C charging ports, two QualComm 3.0 charging ports
  • New 100 watt Linx semi-flexible, monocrystalline solar panel option

Basically, Inergy has taken all the feedback from Kodiak users and updated the new version to enhance the unit to be even better than before.

The internal battery for the Apex has a life expectancy of ten years, or approximately two thousand cycles. Recharging time will require just three hours at the max input in ideal sun conditions.

Charging temperatures range from thirty two to a hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit, while discharging temperatures range from twenty to a hundred and fifteen degrees.

The Apex also comes installed with two USB-C charging ports, and two USB Qual Comm 3.0 charging ports as well.

Total dimensions on the Apex are fourteen inches wide by seven inches high, with a diameter of eight inches. Again, weight on the Apex is just twenty five pounds. This means that it’s a very compact size and easily portable if need be.

In addition, besides the generator itself, each Kodiak Apex Solar Generator will come with the following:

  • One Year Warranty From The Manufacturer
  • User Guide From The Manufacturer
  • Shoulder Carrying Strap
  • Standard AC Wall Charger

In addition, all kits will come with all EC8 cables necessary for hooking up solar panels and LED lights.

The new Apex comes with better battery expansion capabilities, which will include the new Inergy Lithium-Ion external battery (more info will be released on this later), and any 12V lead acid or AGM deep cycle battery.

Here is the rundown on the Apex specifications:

  • Internal Battery: 1,100 watt hours (90 amp hours, 12.6 volts), Lithium NMC
  • Battery Life Expectancy: Up to 2,000 Cycles or 10 Years
  • AC Inverter: 1,500 watts output, 3,000 watts starting surge, 550 watts continuous
  • Charging: 500 watts max input, 3 hour recharge time at max input
  • Battery Expansion: Yes - accepts Inergy's external Lithium-Ion, 12V lead acid or AGM deep cycle battery
  • MPPT Charge Controller: Allows for faster and more efficient charging
  • USB-C Charge Ports
  • USB Qual Comm 3.0 Charge Ports
  • 3 Position Power Switch: Allows user to charge devices via the USB, USB-C, and 12V output ports without having to turn on the inverter
  • EC8 Input Plug: Creates an extremely user friendly, plug and play interface
  • NOT Compatible with MC4 to Neutrik Adapter.

What can the Apex Solar Kit power?

Examples of what the Apex can be used to charge include smartphones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, freezers. In other words, if you have an item that requires electricity in order to charge, the Apex will be able to do it as long as it is within the limits of specifications.

It is critical that you understand the power input and output specification of this unit before plugging anything that may involve high BTUs, such as high powered heaters or air conditioning units. We have other solar power units that can handle these types of situations. If you are not sure of the wattage of the item you plan to plug in, you can always chat with or call Inergy tech support for specific instructions or information: 877-969-2432.

Typical Items the Apex Can Power

  • Smartphones (5-7 watts): 100+ hours
  • Tablets (25-40 watts): 40+ hours
  • Laptops (50 watts): 20+ hours
  • Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts): 14 hours
  • 50" LED LCD TV* (65 watts) : 16 hours
  • Microwave (1,000 watts): 1 hour
  • Refrigerator* (18 cu ft., 20% duty): 33 hours
  • Chest Freezer (9 cu ft., 15% duty): 50 hours
  • Sump Pump (1/3 HP): 2.5 hours
  • Basecamp LED Light (6 watts) : 183 hours

What's the difference between the new Linx Panels and the SolarStorm Panels?

The new Linx solar panels are a little upgrade from the original Predator panels, whereas they are more portable and lightweight than the Solar Storm panels. They are also monocrystalline, where the Storm panels are polycrystalline. The Linx panels are semi-flexible up to 30 degrees in case you have an uneven area you want to mount them.

The Solar Storm100 panels are great for more permanent applications, such as securing on your rooftop of a shed or home.

Both panels are 100 watts each.

I heard about the Lithium Ion battery expansion, can you tell me more?

Inergy will be releasing a lithium ion battery that can be purchased to expand battery storage onto the Apex. The news is that we should know more about this by the end of the year. If you subscribe to our mailing list, you will get first notice on this new battery!

Can I add batteries to the Apex?

Yes, you can add one AGM deep cycle lead acid battery to the Apex. Once the Lithium Ion battery pack is released, you can add up to 3 of these for battery expansion.

What if I want to upgrade to the Apex and use my old Kodiak Storm or Predator panels?

That will be great! You’ll need the new EC8 adapters and cables and that’s it!

Can I exchange my old Kodiak for the Apex?

Unfortunately not. However, we have found many people look for used Kodiaks for sale on Ebay or Craigslist if you wish to purchase an Apex and sell your original unit. Or you may be able to sell your old one to a friend or family member to recover some of your costs in the upgrade.

Why can't I use my coupon code to get an additional discount?

The Apex pre-sale is priced and regulated by the manufacturer, eliminating the ability of us dealers to provide any additional discounts.

Many consumers are unaware of what is called Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies set by manufacturers to retain the integrity of their brands and fair pricing among all dealers. Most retailers, such as Survival Gear Systems retain MAP policies with all manufacturers. We advertise the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer on any products in which we have MAP policies with the manufacturer. We value our relationships with our manufacturers and intend to carry out our contracts with them without exceptions.

What if I want my Apex to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Puerto Rico?

Due to new increased federal certifications and regulations on shipping anything considered hazardous to any of these locations and the costs involved, Inergy is not honoring some portions of the warranty on the units shipped to these locations. All customers ordering from these locations will be required to agree to void the warranty and pay for any return shipping during the 30 day money back guarantee period or the one year warranty period.

In summary, If you are located in these locations and want to order a Kodiak product, you would have to pay for return shipping to Inergy for any repairs as well as repairs and return shipping.

Why don’t you ship the Apex internationally?

Shipping anything considered hazardous by the federal government and international governments require additional fees and customs inspections that could put the shipment at risk. We, nor Inergy, could guarantee the arrival of your items, and the costs would be the burden of the customer. In many cases we would not know the costs until the item reaches customs.

In the event you can secure a broker to handle the shipment from a port within the U.S., you would be responsible for any and all costs and risks related to a shipment, but we would not go any further than the domestic U.S. to ship the items.

What is the warranty and return process?

All Kodiak products come with a 30 day unconditional return guarantee if the item is unused, defective, or damaged in shipping. The unit comes with a 1 year warranty for repairs and exchanges if the item is not working properly or defective within one year after you received your unit(s). A refund is not guaranteed in the warranty process unless no other options, such as repair or exchanges, are available.

It is important to note that customers need to read the user manual and understand it before plugging in devices, especially if you have never used a device such as these. Even if you are an advanced user of solar power systems, be sure you understand the limitations of the unit.

Warranty Instructions

Many consumers believe that manufacturer warranties allow the customer to decide that if they do not want a product, they will get an immediate refund, even if the item is working properly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While we want to make our customers happy all the time, it is imperative that you use and test your unit within the first 30 day period after you receive the items in the case anything goes wrong.

If your unit, whether the original Kodiak or the new version Apex, stops working or is defective after the 30 day guarantee period, you have some options to initiate the warranty process:

  1. Contact us at 866-257-2978. If you have the original Kodiak, you may only need us to walk you through the reset process. Typically, we have found this is all that is needed.
  2. If the reset process does not work, we will contact Inergy to initiate your warranty process, which will require the following:
    1. Inergy will send HASMAT certified return labels for the units failing by mail to you. This is required by the shipping carrier due to federal laws on shipping any type of battery devices or hazardous substances. Do not attempt to send the unit back to Survival Gear Systems or Inergy without these labels.
    2. You will need to package up, apply the labels, and ship back to Inergy for inspection.
    3. Once Inergy receives your unit(s), their technicians will inspect and test the unit(s) and determine if the unit(s) can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced.
    4. Inergy will then contact you to let you know what the next steps will be, whether they can and will repair the unit(s), replace the unit, or issue a refund.

NOTE: If Inergy’s technicians determine that the unit was abused or used in such a way that is not conventional and outlined in the user manual specifications, you may not qualify for a refund. Keep in mind that their technicians are experts, and almost always can tell how a unit was used. This is the reason you should always contact us or Inergy tech support before plugging in anything to the unit you are unsure about.

Purchasing a gas generator is cheaper, so why would I buy the Kodiak Apex?

If you think that purchasing a gas generator is cheaper, consider the costs of fuel over the long term. But this decision also should be evaluated based on what you need to power in the event of grid failure, or if you are living off the grid in an RV, cabin, or tiny home. Gas generators often can handle heavier loads. But, if you are set on a solar unit, and know that you will need to power heavy loads, be sure to contact us at 866-257-2978 for other solar power options.

Why is the Apex so expensive?

The technology and engineering that goes into the design and production of solar power innovations could be the major cost involved in the Apex over other types of power systems. But still, the price point is very affordable for what it provides.

The Kodiak Apex is over the long run a great investment. If SHTF, you know you’ll have a renewable energy source that does not rely on fuel. If you look at even recent disasters, many cities and towns were left without adequate fuel supply and mass power outages for long periods of time. Keep in mind how much food or other items could be lost in a power outage. In many cases, the Kodiak Apex will pay for itself in one instance of a disaster.

At the very least, having a working solar power system for backup or powering up off the grid will give you a big advantage.

If you are using the Apex for off-grid living in an RV, tiny-home, or cabin, the costs of electric hook ups, fuel, propane, or other natural resources are far more than solar power over the long term.

Who is Inergy and why should I trust them?

CEO, Sean Luangrath, was a refugee from the Vietnam war, and as a child and experienced life without power and modern necessities as a child. His story is the backbone of the Inergy mission to provide simple portable power solutions people can use anywhere, anytime.

What we have experienced with Inergy is it is a fast growing company that has created such an innovative and high demand product that they have had a difficult time keeping up with the demand in the midst of improving the design of the power box and create even more state of the art power solutions.

Survival Gear Systems is an advanced dealer for Inergy products and we have a close relationship with the company. We have been here with them through these exciting and challenging times. What we do know is that their tech support and our customer service team works closely together to make sure that the pre-sale goes smooth and customers are given the attention they deserve. We believe, through our experience with them, that Inergy cares about its customers, creating the highest quality products, and continually improving their production and supply chain to meet the needs of customers and dealers alike.

On the fence about purchasing the Apex Solar Kits?

One of the most important but also overlooked steps when it comes to disaster preparedness is investing in a high quality battery backup power source - or energy storage system (ESS). This is important because should the power grid ever go down (and there are a large number of different disaster scenarios that could cause it to), a backup power supply is really the only way to keep the power going until order is restored.

Solar kits allow you to provide a quiet power source to keep your food cold, lights on, alarms working, and other necessities during a power outage or off grid situation. A gas generator may be loud and give neighbors a clear signal that you have power when they don’t. If you value your privacy, this can be an advantage.

Another important factor is the high rate of looting during power outages. If you don’t have a power source, you may be forced to leave your home and open it up to these risks.

The Inergy Kodiak Apex (formerly called the K2), offers one of the most high quality, innovative, and portable solutions for any of these situations.

They are also perfect for off grid adventures, RVs, and much more.

The Inergy Apex Solar Kit Lineup

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