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As a kid, you probably carried a bag to get you through your day at school. In addition to your books and pencils, it likely held a lunch of some sort, a jacket, and maybe even a Walkman- Remember those? Even as adults we carry the day’s essentials in everything from purses and duffels to briefcases and messenger bags.

Thinking about all that stuff we tote around, would any of that help you if you had to evacuate your home, your workplace or even your city for a few days? Now assume there’s no drinking water or even a structure to sleep in to keep you warm overnight. Also, your cell phone isn’t working and you’re isolated from others. How do you know what’s going on and when it’s safe to head home?

The bug-out bag or “go-bag” is the solution to surviving the first 72 hours following an emergency. This is the critical timeframe where life gets hard while civilization adjusts to the unexpected “vacuum” placed on it. If you can survive this period, you stand a good chance of making it through the ordeal.

Some people prefer to build their own bug-out bag and if that’s your style, a good place to start is with the bag itself. You’ll want a good quality backpack that will hold all of your equipment and is comfortable to carry for long periods of time. You never know how far you may have to hoof it!

The contents of your pack should address your five basic needs (more on that here):


A kit to handle trauma and any personal medications is a must.

Personal Protection

A few ways to make fire, a simple shelter, a hat and some warm clothing will keep you alive. Also, think about dust and debris in the urban environment following an earthquake or other natural disasters. You may want some goggles, gloves and a dust mask. A multi-tool, knife, cordage, and flashlight round out this category.


A good way of purifying water and some high-calorie food will keep you going the extra mile. Don’t forget a good quality water container!


A solar powered/crank radio keeps you up to date on the latest news when cell networks are over-burdened. You’ll also need a way to draw attention if rescuers are nearby; think, chem-lights, signal mirrors and whistles.


A map and compass and/or handheld GPS will keep you oriented while you’re heading to your safe area.

Your bug-out bag should be customized for the environment you spend the most time in (Deserts= more water, sunhat, sunscreen, etc. Urban=city maps, cash, weapons, etc.). Kits can get more complex for longer events, but weight becomes an issue and you need to be able to carry the load easily. Light and fast is the way to go; movement is life!

If you’re new to the bug-out bag idea, Uncharted Supply Company has you covered with the Seventy2. It’s a plug-and-play option that has all the essentials in a lightweight durable waterproof bag. The high-quality equipment it contains is easy to use and includes clear instructions on what your priorities are when task-saturated in an emergency situation. This set-up is ideal for even the most novice user and the icing on top is that it weighs less than 12 pounds!

If you’re a parent, this kit can be carried and utilized by even your pre-teen family members. Maybe you’re an employer who looks out for your crew. Every employee needs this turn-key solution that covers them at work, home, and everywhere in between. Get your Seventy2 right here at Survival Gear Systems for the best price around!

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Editor’s note: JD is the founder of His site is dedicated to a wide variety of skills that improve survivability in emergency situations as well as everyday life. He is a retired Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Specialist with 20 years of active duty service teaching aircrew and special operations personnel how to survive, evade, resist and escape at the U.S. Air Force Survival School located at Fairchild AFB, Washington.

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