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Spring is officially here, which means summer's heat waves aren't far behind. While it's recommended at this time to start prepping your air conditioner for its seasonal run, it's also recommended to prep your home for the possibility of a heat wave.

Heat waves are one of America's most common natural disasters, but they're not often talked about until we're sweating our way through one. That being said, here are a few ways you can prep yourself and your family for the potential of a heat wave this upcoming summer.

Rev Up the Humless Solar Generators

Unlike power outages caused by high winds and fallen trees during winter storms and thunderstorms, power outages during heat waves are often the work of air conditioners. When the entire town has their air conditioner cranked up for optimal cool temperatures, it can cause a power surge throughout the town. The result is a power outage.

Power outages during a heat wave can be dangerous, especially for the elderly who are at greater risk for heat stroke. A solar generator not only ensures you'll have power in the event of a power outage, but it uses the power of the sun itself which is the cause of the heat wave in the first place. Talk about coming full-circle.

Water Yourself Like a Plant

Water is your best tool of defense during a heat wave and not just because you can only last for three days without fresh water. When your body sweats, the heat from your body is absorbed by the molecules on the surface of your skin. Those beads of sweat are then evaporated into the air and with them your body heat.

Water molecules on the surface of your skin work a similar way. To help keep your body cool, wipe your arms and legs with water regularly and keep your hair wet.

Additionally, keep a tub of ice water by your bed throughout the night. Your feet are sensitive to temperature because there are so many pulse points located there. Dip your feet in the ice water throughout the night (or day) and you might cool yourself down enough to catch some Zzzs.

Emergency preparedness is always recommended, especially in the case of a natural disaster. For more information on natural disaster emergency kits, humless solar generators, and bug out gear backpacks, contact Survival Gear Systems today to get yourself prepared.

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