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Hurricane Survival

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September of 2017, nobody was prepared. The island’s disaster relief supplies had all been shipped over to neighboring Islands, which were hit by Hurricane Irma just days before. Puerto Rican residents were catastrophically underprepared for the brutal storm that was about to savagely tear apart their home.

Don’t get caught unprepared. If you live in an area where hurricanes are all too common, then you’ll need to know how to weather the storm.

Gather the Essentials

There are certain items which you should always have in order to be prepared for a storm.


You should have enough clean water to last you at least 10 days without rescue. Typically, the human body can only last three to four days without water, so it’s essential you have plenty reserved for an emergency situation.


Again, you should pack enough food to last you a little over a week without rescue. Granted, the human body can survive much longer without food than it can water, but you don’t want to put yourself in that situation.


When a storm hits and you’re without electricity, life can get pretty difficult. That fact becomes even more truer you or a loved one relies on an assistive device to live, such as a dialysis machine or breathing apparatus. Having a solar generator can be a literal lifesaver in an emergency scenario.

Hurricane Survival Tools

Fallen Trees and other obstructions can make it impossible for first responders to get aid to those who need it.

First Aid:

When a hurricane hits and you or a loved one sustains an injury, it might be some time before emergency response services are able to reach you. Having a well-packed first aid kit can help supplement medical care until professional treatment is available.


Both CNN and a Harvard Study claim that there were more than 4,000 deaths in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria, despite the official death toll set at 64. Hurricane Maria also cost roughly $90 billion in damage. Rather than spending your life savings -- or worse -- on post-hurricane costs, spend a little on preparing for hurricane season. It might just save your life. Have you prepared for hurricane season? Check out our Hurricane and Flood Survival Kit for two adults, and much more.

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