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My Medic Survival First Aid Kits

Survivalists, adventurers, wanderlusters, and nature lovers everywhere should always carry a first aid kit. No risk in the wilderness is too small to make having one a bad idea. First aid kits contain essential emergency supplies that could very well save your life. So, let's take a closer look at the contents of the MyMedic first aid kit.


If you come down with a fever while on a hike, you will need to get to a cool place immediately. The problem is that hiking is a warm activity. You need a thermometer to be able to check for fevers.


If you cut yourself or break a limb, you will need to cut the proper emergency supplies to size.

My Medic Solo, Survival FAK

The My Medic Solo, Light weight and compact Survival First Aid Kit


Getting stuck with a thorn is painful. So are bee stings. Tweezers can pull the foreign object out of your body so you can carry on.


Breaking a limb is extremely dangerous in a survival situation. You might have all different types of survival gear, but until you immobilize your injured body part, using survival supplies will be much more difficult.

Sterilizing Wipes

Any lacerations or scrapes can lead to infection if they aren't sterilized. This can protect you from potentially deadly viruses or bacteria.


After sterilizing your wound, you need to cover it to keep it protected from the elements. This will help clot the blood as well, healing your cut quicker.


Aspirin and allergy medication can make life much more manageable in the woods or even at home.

You can be an expert in all of the survival skills you've ever been taught, but if you find yourself injured and alone on rough terrain, survival will become much more trying. It always pays to have a first aid kit on your person. This is especially the case for MyMedic, as it is comprehensive and well planned.

Survival is about disaster preparedness, even when the situation seems simple and easy. You can never be too careful when it comes to taking risks in the wilderness. So, next time you go hiking, kayaking, or even to your community campgrounds, don't forget your first aid kit.

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