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Survive a school shooting

Although it's terrifying to think about your child experiencing a school shooting, it's critical that you plan for it rather than push the thought aside. The right survival gear could mean the difference between life and death.

No school is immune to a shooting. That's why it's so it's important your child knows how to survive if, or when, one happens. Here are some of the top life-saving tips you can give your child to help them survive a school shooting.

Use the right survival gear.

A bulletproof backpack could help to save your child from being hurt or worse in the event of a school shooting. The ProShield 2 comes equipped with comfortable padding that allows your child to wear their bulletproof backpack with ease for optimal safety and security.

Teach your child how to run and hide.

During an active shooting, it's critical your child knows how to evacuate the building or find shelter. In some cases, a child may not be able to find an escape route, which is why it's important they find a hiding place that's not visible to an active shooter.

Teach your child to run in a zig-zag motion.

Your child wants to make it as difficult as possible for them to become a target. By running in a zig-zag motion, it makes it more difficult for an active shooter to be accurate. Teach your child how to do this as quickly as possible and to find shelter.

Avoid bathrooms.

It's recommended your child avoid confined spaces like bathrooms where there is no direct exit. What's more, there isn't any coverage in a restroom to protect against a bullet should an active shooter enter. Bathrooms must be your last choice for shelter.

It's unsettling to think about your child going through a school shooting, but it's necessary to plan for should anything happen. To learn more about bulletproof backpacks and available survival gear, contact Survival Gear Systems today.

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