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Prepping Responsibly, Survival Gear Systems

You can never be too prepared, but you can certainly be too rash with your preparation spending. Because prepping is all about careful planning, blowing through your budget is obviously a poor place to start. When gathering survival supplies for disaster preparedness, it's essential that you don't go overboard. That is, you want to be sure you're responsibly prepping.

That being said, here are a few ways you can save money while storing supplies and expanding your survival gear options.

1. Don't buy bottled water.

Not only is bottled water bad for the environment, but it can also cost you a lot of money over time. Consider using a BPA-free reusable water bottle as well as a water filter. This way you'll use less plastic, waste less money, and won't have to worry about chemicals in your tap water.

2. Eat in instead of eating out.

It may be nice to eat out all the time, but you can easily spend a lot of money that you could be saving for other things. And we aren't just talking about fancy restaurants. Even fast food is more expensive in the long run than cooking your own food. Instead of eating out because it's convenient, consider buying the ingredients and cooking for yourself at home. Not only will you save for prepping and survival supplies, but you can also reuse the ingredients you have to make new and fresh meals instead of just reheating leftovers. Some rice, beans, lentils, and sausage will go a long way.

3. Grow your own food.

Not only is it cheaper to grow your own vegetables than to buy them in the store, but your newfound skills can also be used in a survival situation. The skills you learn when planting a vegetable garden are essential.

4. Repair, don't replace.

It's often more convenient to simply replace an object or appliance. However, it's often cheaper to simply repair the object instead of buying a new one. Learn to fix old electronics or how to get stains out of old shirts. You'll be amazed at the amount of money you can save with a sewing kit.

5. Search on Craigslist.

Many people give things away for free or for a reduced price on Craigslist. In fact, sites like these even have a "Free Stuff" section. Therefore, before you consider buying a new chair or entertainment center, consider scrolling through the Furniture or Free section of Craigslist to see if you can save yourself a few dollars you can use later on survival gear.

It's always good to be prepared, especially in the event of a disaster. However, it's just as important to prepare responsibly. For more information on survival skills and the best types of survival gear for any situation, contact Survival Gear Systems today.

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