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The Summer season is wonderful, but with it comes wildfires and poor air quality. Here at Survival Gear Systems, our tradeoff for being close to nature is being surrounded by fires and smoke on a regular basis.

The smoke outside is so thick that any exercise makes my lungs burn. Experiencing how the smoke-filled air makes me feel, it is obvious that breathing in smoky air cannot be good for anyone's health.

How can we protect ourselves from the danger of breathing in the toxic smoke caused by wildfires? Below are three ways to protect your health during the fire season.

Consult Air Quality Reports

When it comes to wildfire smoke, the most obvious way to protect your health is to stay inside when the smoke is too dangerous to be outside. Therefore, one of the best ways to protect yourself from smoke filled air is by looking at your local air quality reports. You can use these reports to judge how bad the air quality is and avoid going outside when the air quality is flagged as dangerous or high risk.

Keep Indoor Air Clean

Another way to protect your health against air filled smoke is by keeping the air inside your home clean. One way to keep your inside air clean is by limiting the amount of times doors are opened and closed. This limits how much unclean air is let in. It is also important to keep all windows and doors closed if you will be using an A/C unit. Running A/C is okay, but if allow the outside air to come into your home while doing so, the A/C unit will spread smoky air through your home. Finally, you can keep your inside air clean by avoiding indoor air pollution caused by burning candles or using appliances like gas stoves. If air quality is low and you are without power, use a flame-free alternative for lighting, such as a solar-powered lantern.

Wear Protection Masks

When you cannot avoid going outside, the next best thing to do is wear production masks that filter out smoke and other toxic chemicals. This can help limit the amount of smoke that comes into your lungs. If you're like me, I love being outside and dislike how smoke in the air limits my ability to enjoy the sun. If you're going to be outside, I would suggest using the jaMo Inversion mask to help protect yourself against the smoke filled air.

See the jaMo Threads Inversion 2.0 in Action!

The Inversion 2.0 is a stylish PM 2.5 protective mask featuring the latest in air pollution protection that utilizes an activated carbon filter that meets the filtration requirements of an N95 mask.

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"Don't wait until disaster happens to be prepared. At Survival Gear Systems, we want to make you ready for the adventures of life."

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