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If your New Year’s Resolution is to be more prepared in the coming year, good for you! As we all know, the trick to a successful New Year’s Resolution is developing a plan to follow through. It’s not enough to say “I will have a 72-hour kit available for every member of my family.” You have to follow through preparing your survival gear. We’re here to help.

Maintaining a 72-hour emergency kit

Even if you buy food that’s designed to last a long time, you don’t put together food storage once and then never think about it again. All food is perishable to some degree. That’s a recipe for moldy rations that are no use to anyone.

Along the same lines, even if you own dozens of survival gadgets, you don’t want to wait until a real disaster to figure out how to use them, or if they even still work.

So here are some tangible resolutions to make and follow through on:

  • I will set aside an amount of money each month to use stocking food storage and buying supplies for 72-hour kits.
  • I will reassess my 72-hour kits twice in this coming year to determine the condition of all food and supplies.
  • At the end of each month, I will assess the condition of my food storage
  • This summer I will go camping three times with my survival gear so I can become familiar with it.

Prepare your survival gear

There’s always more you can do when it comes to survival preparedness, but sticking to these commitments for 2018 is more than enough to be proud of.

If you want to do more, spend time customizing survival kits for individual members of your family. Hearing aids with glasses and extra batteries, glasses, contact lenses, syringes, etc.

Then start finding supplies for disaster most likely to occur in your area. These may include items such as whistles, surgical masks, matches, towels, work gloves, household liquid bleach, and so on. Research the items that other disaster survivors found helpful. An emergency kit can always be optimized more.

From all of us here at Survival Gear Systems, we hope you have a safe 2018.

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