Survival Gear Systems, Survival Beer

Survival Beer, Survival Gear Systems

If you were to be stranded on a desert island and could bring an unlimited supply of one type of beer, what would it be? Well, it appears that Dogfish Head Brewery has asked and answered this question already.

So, How does Survival Beer become Survival Gear?

“Myself and six other co-workers from various departments at Dogfish set out to brew the most survivalist-oriented beer Dogfish has ever made and packed it with a bunch of delicious culinary ingredients resulting in a ton of goodness in the form of essential vitamins and amino acids," Fox News reports the founder and CEO of Dogfish Head, Sam Calagione saying.

As far as different types of survival gear options go, beer isn't exactly what you would call 'essential', but it probably would make for a less arduous time scrounging for food scraps. In fact, one sip of this Belgian-style fruit ale and you will think you have a bottle of fruit.

Containing chia seeds, goji berries, purple sweet potatoes, acai, rose hips, flax seed, and quinoa, this 9% ABV beast packs a punch in terms of buzz and nutrients, including copious amounts of vitamin B and folic acid.

Now, of course, no one should survive solely on beer. This is true whether or not you've been stranded on a desert island. For quirky survival gear options, however, this beer is sure to receive thorough field research.

Remember, Surviving a Disaster is no Party

As long as you take the time to gather other essential survival supplies and learn critical survival skills, there's nothing wrong with relaxing after a hard day's labor with a fruity super-beer.

Before indulging, however, there's a lot of work to be done. First things first, build a shelter so you can quickly get out of the rain and have a safe place to drink responsibly. Next, make sure you have a fire started. This will lift your spirits and keep you safe at night. If you have water with you, good. If not, you need to find some and fast. Try coconuts, or learn how to make a solar still. Finally, enjoy your hard earned survival beer. Remember, even though beer is a good source of calories, it won't help keep you hydrated.

Overall, this beer isn't meant to be a literal survival item, but it is designed to be more nutrient-rich than any other beer.

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