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We tell our kids not to talk to strangers and teach them what to do if there's ever a fire. It's important that your child knows how to protect themselves in scary situations not only to keep them safe but also to make them feel more control over the world around them.

Here are four scary scenarios your child needs to be aware of and know how to properly respond to if or when they happen.

Sirens going off in the neighborhood. Children can be curious. With sirens going off in the neighborhood or just down the road, children may be tempted to take a peek outside and see what's going on. Teach your child to stay indoors and let a guardian figure out what's happening.

Lost in the woods. Adults often fear getting lost in the woods, which means the fear your child could experience may be twice that of yours. The best way to plan for survival situations is to plan with 72 hours in mind. Use survival backpacks with gear, food, and water to last for a minimum of 72 hours for each person you travel with, especially your kids. Teach your child what the gear is for, such as how to blow a whistle for help.

Loud pounding on the door or the sound of a window breaking. Both of these sounds may indicate a potential intruder. In these scenarios, teach your child not to go near the sound but to stay in their room or go to a safe room with a lock. If there's no safe room, teach your child how to hide themselves in their room. Many intruders only want to steal valuables, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

The driver of a vehicle is unresponsive. No one can guess when a medical emergency could occur, which is why it's best to prepare in case one happens. A heart attack or stroke may leave an adult unresponsive at the wheel. Teach your child the basics of how to use a vehicle such as where the break is and how to steer a car. They don't need to know how to drive (after all, they're a child) but knowing the basics of how a car works can help them during a survival situation.

Survival gear for kids can help keep your child safe from variety of situations that can be pretty scary. Survival Gear Systems offers not only survival kits for children but also survival backpacks, fuelless generators, and disaster kits to prepare you for the worst. For more information on our survival backpacks or survival gear for your child, contact Survival Gear Systems today.

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