7 Hobbies That Can Be Used as Survival Skills-Survival Gear Systems
Hobbies the are Survival Skills, Survival Gear Systems

If you love the natural world, you might consider yourself an adventurer, camping enthusiast, or outdoor explorer, but survivalist? Though the hardship people have faced when trapped in the wild is unquestionably intense, perhaps you are better equipped to handle surviving in the wilderness better than you think. Here are some common outdoor hobbies that are also survival skills.


The most obvious hobby that can help you in a survival situation is hunting. Knowing how to hunt, and how to clean an animal afterword, can certainly stave off hunger when you're lost in the woods.


If you are without a rifle or anything to hunt with, fishing is an excellent way to find food. Often, you'll have more luck fishing than hunting, so make sure to bring your rod and tackle whenever you camp by a lake.


Cardiovascular endurance and overall good health are crucial when you face a survival situation. Hiking is a fun pastime that keeps you in shape.


A skill associated with hunting or nature watching, tracking can show you where animals go. If you find bear tracks, probably avoid that area. Rabbit or deer tracks, on the other hand, are worth noticing.

Campfire Starting

Hanging out with friends around the campfire is one thing, and sitting in the pouring rain with a broken lighter and no tinder is quite another. When you start a campfire with your friends, try out different methods that you are likely to use when stranded in the wilderness.


Being a strong paddler could save you from getting stranded upstream. If you ever get lost in the woods and find a creek, your kayak might be the key to salvation.

Being Prepared

More of a character trait than a hobby, being prepared could quite literally save your life. Having an emergency kit filled with important pieces of survival gear with you at all times could mean the difference between hypothermia and a cozy fire to curl up next to. The importance of survival gear should never be underestimated. Being an outdoor hobbyist is very different than being a survival expert. There is nothing fun about survival. That said, you could use the knowledge from your various hobbies to help you survive in a life or death situation.

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