Survivalist Tips for Spring Cleaning
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Some people love it, and others hate it. With the return of spring comes the return of spring cleaning. The importance of decluttering your living space is important for anyone, but survivalists can benefit even more. Keeping your different types of survival gear organized and emergency supplies handy is a mantra every survivalist should live by. So, here are some tips to help maximize the impact of your spring cleaning chores.

Sort Your Survival Go Bag

If you have a go bag in your vehicle or your bedroom at home, take stock of its condition. If you dipped into any of the supplies throughout the year, replace them as you sort. Check that all of the survival gear is still functioning and in its place.

Check Expiration Dates

Many products expire. Certain medicines in a first aid emergency kit can go past their expiration date without you ever knowing. The same can happen to flares, life rafts, and fire starting kits.

Run an Emergency Food Inventory

Are your non-perishables plentiful? What do you have, how are the nutritional facts, and what do you need?

Sharpen Survival Blades

Any tools that you've not been using throughout the winter need to be checked for sharpness and functionality. Make sure to thoroughly assess your knives and cutting instruments for dullness. Sharpen if needed.

Hone Skills

You probably haven't been to the archery range for a while. Nor have you wired a snare or started a fire with a flint and steel striker. Start practicing to keep your survival skills as sharp as your blades.

Evaluate Home Security

This should be a constant reevaluation, but as you clean out your home, look for any weak spots in your home defense system and patch them up.

Survival supplies are critical for every survivalist, but sometimes they can become misplaced or used in the slump of winter. As you go about your spring cleaning duties, make sure to take inventory, replenish everything, and practice your survival skills. Do everything you need to be fully prepared for survival situations. Doing each of the above preparations can be both fun and potentially even life-saving at some point in the future.

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