4 creative uses for paracord in survival situations

Every serious survivalist, prepper, and hiker should keep some paracord handy. 


Because it’s extremely versatile for its size and weight. 

You could spend years learning all the creative ways to use paracord in survival situations without exhausting more than a fraction of the possibilities. There is always something new to learn about paracord that could save your life. 

Keep reading to learn four highly useful and creative ways to use paracord. You may need to practice some of these before your next adventure to avoid surprises. 

1. Survival Kit Overflow Fastener

Is your pack too small to carry everything you need? 

Let’s say you want to add a water bottle that doesn’t fit or a new tool you just found on the trail. Wrap it in paracord and attach it to your pack or belt. 

To avoid having to tie (and untie) annoying knots, add a few key rings to your survival kit. 

2. Food Hanger 

Whether you have some rations handy or you’ve just killed a deer, you’ll likely need to protect your food. 

Yes, you can use a paracord to hide an entire deer. 

Throw one end of it over a strong tree limb. Make sure the cord is long enough so that the end can go over the limb and be pulled to the ground. 

Next, tie the end to the deer. Now you can pull downward on the cord and raise the deer to the tree limb. 

When you’re done, cut the rope so that you have a piece long enough to tie to another tree. 

If you need something stronger, you can braid the cord or double it up. 

12 Survivors Paracord Survival Band

3. Fishing Net

Unless you’re a sun gazer, you gotta eat. One of the easier ways to make that happen is with a fishing net. 

With just eight feet (2.5 meters) of paracord, you can make a darn good net. The only other things you need are a knife and the ability to tie a Cow Hitch, which is also known as a Lanyard Hitch. 

If you’re in the wilderness and you’re not near water, go downhill if you can, because… gravity. Then you can make your net. 

Long before that, find a good tutorial online and practice making your net.

4. More Paracord!

Paracord is not known for taking up a lot of space. That is, unless you want to pack an obscene amount of it. 

Maybe you want to build a survival mansion instead of a tiny survival shelter. 

Or maybe you just want to be able to build a normal shelter and use as little space as possible. 

You can pack a lot more paracord into less space by making a paracord donut. 

You’ll not only save space. You will also be able to deploy it quickly without having to untangle a bunch of knots. 

You can also make what some call the Magic Hank. It is a “quick release” contraption just like the donut. 

Both have their pros and cons, so research those first. There are multiple tutorials online for making both of these items. 

12 Survivors Paracord Survival Band

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