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Survival in a disaster

You never know when disaster is going to strike, and there's only one effective method of survival: preparation. Disaster preparedness plays a crucial role in your ability to survive during an emergency situation. There's no one right way to prep for a catastrophic event, especially since there are so many different types of disaster that you could experience. So, to help you survive anything that gets thrown your way, here are some basic prearedness tips.

Know what you might deal with

Being prepared for everything, while ideal, isn't always necessary. In order to fully prepare yourself, you should consider what types of disasters you'll likely face in your area. If you live in the midwest, then chances are you probably won't have to prepare for a hurricane. If you live on the upper east coast, you most likely won't ever see a tornado. So rather than preparing for a bunch of what-ifs that may never happen, focus on what is probable. Prep for your specific area and identify key items that will assist you.

Survival Backpack

Bug out bags can quickly be grabbed to "bug out" of a dangerous situation.

Have a Survival kit, and a backup kit

Trying to survive in a disaster situation without the right survival gear is never easy, so it's essential to gather beneficial items and assemble a kit. These kits are usually referred to as "bug out bags." A bug out bag is an emergency kit that contains all of the essential items you might need to survive for up to three days after a natural disaster. Items may include fresh water, water filtration tools, an emergency supply of food, rain gear, disposable cell phone, and more. What goes into your bug out bag will depend on the type of disaster you would most likely be facing in your area.

Learn the necessary survival skills

Having all of the materials prepared in the case of an emergency will only get you so far, so it's imperative to learn the skills as well. Even the most basic skills can be the difference between life or death. Knowing how to start a fire, operate an extinguisher, filtrate water, and tie a knot are just a few of the skills that could come in handy. No matter how much you hope that you're never in a survival situation, it's always better to be prepared in the event that you are. Disaster preparedness is the most effective way to assure you and your loved ones are able to survive during an emergency. For any of your survival gear needs, give us a call today. Preparation is the most effective method of survival.

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