3 Absolutely Essential Pieces of Survival Gear to Keep on Your Person-Survival Gear Systems

When you're out in the wilderness, whether for a day hike or an overnight campout, you never know what the great outdoors is going to throw at you. You could get caught out in a rainstorm, fall and twist your ankle, or simply get lost. This is scary no matter who you are. So, if you plan on going out into the woods, the following survival supplies are necessary for your safety.

Survival Fire Starter


Fire not only provides immense psychological benefits, but it can cook food, sanitize water, and scare off predators. The best survival gear options for starting a fire are always debated between two or three things. The first two are matches and a lighter. Starting a fire with either of these is fairly familiar for most outdoor explorers, but they are finite. The other option is a magnesium striker. This will spark forever, yet it takes some skill to learn properly. The best advice is to get comfortable starting fires with a striker and bring it on all of your outdoor adventures. If you aren't well versed in fire starting survival skills, a lighter is probably your best bet.

Survival Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Since you are out hiking or adventuring, you probably brought a bottle of water with you anyway. That's good. Water, in a survival situation, is essential. Without it, you will die very quickly. Pro tip: get a metal water bottle. If you find yourself stranded and near a questionable water source, you can boil the water in your bottle instead of taking the risk of consuming waterborne pathogens.

Survival Knife


If you are going into the woods, any woods, bring a solid knife with you. The ability to cut wood and shape your surroundings is critical to your success in the wild. Gathering and finding dry firewood would be almost impossible without a knife. Blasing a trail, carving a spear, and building a shelter would be idle fantasies without a knife.

There are a number of great survival gear options out there, but these three are arguably the absolute most important ones to have with you at all times. Sure, an axe is nice. So is a tent. If you're out hiking for a day, however, you probably won't think to bring them. A fire starter, water bottle, and knife are pieces of survival gear you can have on you at all times.

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