Essential Survival gear, Survival gear systems

Survival gear systems, Essential Survival gear

Emergency situations happen when you least expect them. This is why the importance of survival gear lies in the "when" emergency situations happen, not the "if."

That being said, there are certain types of survival gear options that are not only useful on camping trips but may very well save your life in a disaster situation. Consider the following pieces of survival gear for your own disaster preparedness should you ever be caught unaware in the wild.

The Fox 40 Whistle

A Fox 40 whistle can be heard over long distances and loud sounds, unlike your voice. The Fox 40 is also brightly colored and is capable of working in subfreezing, dry, and wet conditions.

The UST StarFlash Signal Mirror

A helicopter may not be able to see your waving arms, but they'll be able to see the light reflection in a mirror. A signal mirror is user-friendly and is capable of catching the attention of aircraft, vehicles, watercraft, and people on foot.

The Swedish FireKnife

A FireKnife has the wood carving and strong capabilities of a survival knife while also housing a hidden fire starter.

Wise Company Survival Rations

Water is your number one priority when it comes to staying alive in an emergency situation, but food comes in at a close second. The Wise Company Survival Rations can help keep you from starvation. Each bucket comes loaded with thousands of calories. Break them down into meals and you'll be set for emergency situations.

Water Disinfecting Tablets

Speaking of water being your top priority when it comes to staying alive, you'll also want to be sure the water you do find to drink isn't dangerous. Water Disinfecting Tablets can protect you from waterborne pathogens.

Coghlan's Waterproof Matches

Regular stick matches can be vulnerable to water. Coghlan's Waterproof Matches provide you with the survival tinder you need without the water vulnerability.

The Olympia EX550 Headlamp

Headlamps provide you with necessary light when you're unable to see. And unlike flashlights, you're able to use both of your hands so you're able to work in survival situations.

The SOL Emergency Bivvy

The earth will pull the heat right out of you when you sleep on the ground. The SOL Emergency Bivvy provides you with a sleeping bag capable of reflecting back 90% of your body heat.

WetFire Cubes

WetFire is simple to ignite and is capable of burning for as long as 10 minutes at intense temperatures. They're also able to burn in wet and windy conditions and can even float on water.

12 Survivors Off-Grid Stove

This lightweight stove lets you boil and cook food in cold conditions so you don't have to worry about what should and shouldn't be eaten raw.

The importance of survival gear lies in not only the gear itself but also how you use it. Therefore, it's essential to have the right emergency supplies and the right survival skills to keep you prepared in the case of an emergency. For more information on the importance of survival gear and which types of gear are best for you, contact Survival Gear Systems today.

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